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A refreshingly candid dialogue with industry leaders who are breaking boundaries in the cyber security space. Grab your favourite cuppa, tune in on your preferred podcast platform, and together let’s shatter the cyber glass ceiling – one episode at a time. And don’t forget to subscribe!

Featuring leaders in cyber security from the world of finance, banking, tech, insurance, & retail:

Glass Ceiling [ glas-see-ling ]

an unacknowledged barrier to advancement in a profession, especially affecting women and members of minorities.

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About The Cyber Glass Ceiling Podcast

A light-hearted fireside chat with some people who are leaders in their industry of Cyber security. Prominent for the fact they are either women, people of colour, LGBTQ or just different. The term “glass ceiling” refers to the sometimes-invisible barrier to success that many come up against in their careers. A management consultant called coined the phrase almost 40 years ago regarding women rising to senior positions and says it is still as relevant as ever today. Marilyn Loden So, I’ve taken it a step further not just women but people of colour and the unconscious bias that may exist in the workplace and how they overcame this to be leaders in their industry. Please join me for my 1-1 conversations starting in April on a podcast platform coming soon. I promise not too much swearing, no politics or religion…. Just a cuppa or what takes your fancy…..


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